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Office Furniture Trends

Office Furniture Trends - Calgary Interiors
Office Furniture Trends Office design usually has different tenets or requirements than when you are designing a room in your house. Above all, an office needs to be functional, as…

How to Arrange Office Furniture

How to Arrange Office Furniture - Calgary Interiors
How to Arrange Office Furniture When you are furnishing your office, there are some additional considerations that you will need to take into account. You cannot only think of your…

Sofa Trends

Sofa Trends - Calgary Interiors (2)
Revolutionizing Comfort: Top Sofa Trends to Watch in 2024 Welcome to the world of comfort and style where sofas are more than just a seating option—they’re a statement! As we…

Commercial Patio Furniture Canada

Commercial Patio Furniture - Calgary Interiors
Elevating Commercial Spaces: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect commercial outdoor Furniture in Canada Revitalizing your commercial outdoor area into a welcoming extension of your business begins with selecting the…

Headboard Upholstery Design

Custom Furniture
Upholstered Headboards Calgary Interiors Blog Featured Image
Headboard Upholstery Design Placing an upholstered headboard in your bedroom can be a bold way to decorate. You can truly turn your bed into a statement piece by upholstering a…

Condo Furniture

Condo Furniture Calgary Interiors
Owning a condo can be an exciting first foray into home-owning, or the perfect option for someone who wants to downsize. However, in order to be truly happy with your…

Posts in Our Hospitality Category

Hotel Furniture - Calgary Interiors

Hotel Furniture

Welcome to Calgary Interiors, where we redefine luxury and elevate the art of hospitality with our exquisite hotel furniture. As…
Restaurant Bar Design - Calgary Interiors

Restaurant Bar Design

If you are in the hospitality industry you understand the complexity and importance that goes into designing a space for…

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Our Guide to finding the Right Upholstery Fabric

Our Guide to Fabric Durability Ratings

wood furniture cracking

Wood Furniture Cracking in Winter

Table Of Contents Wood Furniture Cracking in Winter: Care and Maintenance TipsCustom Furniture and Calgary InteriorsUnderstanding Why Wood Furniture Cracks…

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