Bar and Lounge Furniture

Bar and Lounge Furniture

There are many different trends being seen in bar and lounge design, and in the furniture choices made for these spaces. Some of the emerging trends have furniture prices that correspond with them, such as the trend of velvet and cozy, plush furniture pieces.

Read on for the top bar and lounge trends to help your space put its best food forward.

Popular Bar and Lounge Furniture Pieces

When it comes to bar and lounge furniture, there are some key trends rising to the top recently. These include industrial furniture pieces, plush pieces, and pieces used for zoning. All of these types of furniture have their own distinct vibe and purpose and we’ve listed all of them out below. 

Industrial Pieces

An industrial or deconstructed look is very popular right now, and this is best accentuated with matching furniture. Industrial style seating pieces or bar countertops typically use materials such as metal, brick, cement, or stone.

Another way to incorporate these furniture pieces is to pair them with more over the top decor to add a sense of dissonance in the space.

It is important to make industrial pieces or design look intentional by spreading it throughout a space, rather than relegating it to a certain area of the bar or lounge, as you may run the risk of customers thinking that the space is unfinished or still under renovation.

Plush Pieces

Especially with the recent pandemic, comfort is key. We have become used to cozy furniture in our homes, cozy outfits, and loungewear, so a space that has comfortable furniture is now extra appealing.

Some great plush pieces for a bar or lounge are oversized and overstuffed chairs, cushions, or sofas in soft upholstery options. Plush pieces also make an area more welcoming and inviting, and are best suited for a lounge style space.

Choosing a lounge chair that features a padded seat not only addresses comfort but can also allow for unique fabric choices to add to the design of the space. Also keep in mind the seat width for your guests, these are chair features you don’t want to overlook.

Many of the plush pieces seen in bars and lounges recently are upholstered in velvet, making the furniture pieces a stylish throwback to that of the 1970s.

Zoning Pieces

Zoning pieces are a take on the VIP rooms of bars and clubs– these are a more fashionable way to section off areas in a space, while making it a part of the decor.

There are many different options you can explore when it comes to zoning pieces, so you can find a style that fits with the rest of your space. Some of the options include low partitions or glass inserts, which look organic and can be a great partner for industrial style furniture pieces.

Zoning also helps to create privacy and muffle sound, so plush options such as cushioned partitions or low cushioned walls could also be built into your space if you are designing with a lush, maximalist vibe in mind.

Bar and Lounge Design Trends

The trends for bar and lounge design go hand in hand with the trends we are seeing in furniture for these types of spaces. Depending on the purpose and the intended vibe of your space, certain design trends may be a better fit than others.


Velvet is one of the big textures that we are seeing in the design world lately. This has migrated from fashion design and apparel into interiors as well. It adds a particular charm and luxurious aesthetic to any space, and can be used as sparingly– or not!– as one would like.

Since velvet is a dramatic material, it is important to take into account the general vibe of your bar or lounge. It would fit best in a more upscale, high end space, rather than a dive bar, for example. Velvet also comes in a variety of colors and can be matched to just about any color palette.

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Monocolor is another way of saying monochrome, meaning that this trend sees the space being painted and furnished in one color. This can also be done by outfitting your bar or lounge in various shades of the same color, rather than one shade.

Monocolor can be very gimmicky, but if done well, can make a space feel cool and modern. If looking to implement this theme into your space, play with textures to differentiate between pieces, decor, and fixtures. For example, you could have a green wall with a green velvet sofa and green marbled countertop, which will help to create more depth in the space. 


Plants are another trend that has become big in recent years, which we are still seeing today. People love when the indoors are brought inside, especially when in the form of living plant walls, for example, which create a fun photo op, too.

If your bar or lounge is located in the city, incorporating plants can also help to foster a sense of unity with nature, setting up your space as an oasis. However, it is important to be sure you choose the right plants for the places you will put them, and to be sure that you can properly take care of them so that they thrive. 

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Choosing Bar and Lounge Furniture 

When you are choosing the best bar and lounge furniture, there are several aspects to consider. Your furniture choices can be customized according to your needs to create a variety of different atmospheres for a space.

One of the most important things to consider is height options, both for seating and tables or counters. You can choose to mix and match different seating height options, such as low sofas in the lounge area with higher bar stools that are situated by tall countertops. This makes the space more functional, but also adds more depth to the area. 

Having a bar stool option also allows for people arriving solo to have the option to be seated at a bar top should they prefer not to be at a table.

Another aspect to consider is durability, both when it comes to wear and tear and stains. Especially in a bar, stains are inevitable, so choosing fabrics that do not stain easily, such as treated microfibers, can be beneficial for your space.

You should also avoid porous materials for counters or tabletops. You will want to be sure to choose materials and upholstery that can also hold up well under general traffic and wear and tear, so that your space stays looking fresh longer.

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