Condo Furniture

Owning a condo can be an exciting first foray into home-owning, or the perfect option for someone who wants to downsize. However, in order to be truly happy with your new, small space, you will want to be sure to decorate it smartly and strategically so that you can achieve your ideal happy place.

Condo Common Room Furniture

If you are furnishing a small space, such as a condo, it is crucial that you choose the best furniture, especially for the room in which you will likely be spending the most time– the common room or the living room.

This is where you will relax and may even host guests. You will want to opt for furniture that is functional, moveable, and comes with its own storage options. 

Sofa Beds and Futons

A sofa bed or a futon can be the perfect space saver for a condo! It allows you to fold the bed up when not in use and can be valuable for homeowners who expect to have guests often, or even for those whose condo is more of a studio-like space, where they will need to sleep in this common space as well.

This piece of furniture is then functional as a normal living room sofa when folded up, too. There are different levels of quality and functionality in sofa beds and futons, so it is important to find one that will fit your space and aesthetic, but will also be comfortable! 

Condo Furniture Sofa Bed Calgary Interiors

Lightweight Chairs

Lightweight living room chairs can be a better option for a condo than bulky or heavy chairs because lighter options can be rearranged with ease. This can help if you need to make room for something, and can also make it easier to move them around if you are redecorating your space.

Lightweight chairs can still be found in stylish options and fabrications, such as velvet or linen, as well as in fun colours and prints. Some styles of lightweight chairs can even be stacked to stay out of the way.

Ottomans with Storage

Having an ottoman– or a few– in your common room area can be a great option because they are lightweight and easily moveable if you need to clear more space. Also, they can be used not only as a footrest but as another seating option if you have extra guests over, for example.

Rather than having several chairs or large couches and sectionals in your space to accommodate visitors, a couch and chair with accompanying ottomans can help to avoid your condo becoming too cluttered with furniture.

Many ottoman options come with removable tops, too, so you can store important items here to keep them close by but avoid clutter and mess in a small space.

Condo Furniture Ottoman Calgary Interiors

Condo Patio Furniture

If your condo has its own balcony or patio, you will want to furnish it so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest! Unlike with a backyard patio, you will not have a ton of space to work with, so it is important that you find fashionable but functional patio furniture pieces. 

Patio Sets

There are many different options when it comes to patio sets, but for a condo, you should look for a space-saving set. It is easy to find patio sets meant for small spaces– these typically consist of two chairs and a matching tabletop, about the size of a side table.

These patio set options are usually lightweight and should be made from materials that could withstand the elements, such as plastic, wicker, or metal. If there are cushions or pillows included in the set, these should be brought inside during inclement weather unless they are made from weather-resistant and durable outdoor fabric.

Pieces with thinner legs and a sleeker shape are best for small spaces, because they trick the eye into believing there is more space– bulky pieces can make a small space feel even more crowded.

Condo Furniture Patio Set Calgary Interiors

Patio Bar Stools

Bar stools can also be a good option for a patio because they free up floor space. This serves to make the entire space feel more open. Bar stools may also come in patio sets with a tall tabletop so that you have a full setup for your small outdoor space.

Having a seat with a bit of height gives you a better view and vantage point, too. Just like with the patio sets mentioned previously, you should opt for sleek, clean lines to avoid your patio feeling too cluttered. 

Nesting Accent Tables 

Nesting accent tables can help you to save space when they are not needed and are great for when you are hosting and would like to spend time out on the patio with your guests! These can be spread out in order to serve refreshments to visitors, or to provide a place for guests to place their plates and drinks.

They can also be used together to create one larger table space. Choose tables that match with or accent your existing patio furniture well, so that you can present a more polished and intentional space. 

Maximizing Small Spaces

It is important to ensure that you maximize the space you have available in your home when it comes to your furniture choices, decor, and more!

It’s important to fit in all of the pieces that you need in order to function, but you should make it aesthetically pleasing, too.

Read on for some more tips on how you can best utilize your furniture choices and the space in your condo to design a comfortable and balanced feeling space. 

  • Incorporate mirrored surfaces to make the space feel bigger
  • Use neutral colour schemes to make a room feel more open
  • Use smaller dining tables, such as around option
  • Utilize pocket doors, which slide into the wall when not in use
  • Mount your tv or hide it with a credenza when not in use
  • Use pieces that can solve more than one purpose
  • Built-in storage, such as wall cubbies or under a bench