How to Arrange Office Furniture

How to Arrange Office Furniture - Calgary Interiors

How to Arrange Office Furniture

When you are furnishing your office, there are some additional considerations that you will need to take into account. You cannot only think of your own tastes, as you also have to ensure that your office is suited for being in a professional setting. Choosing and arranging your office furniture in a way that is functional, professional, and aesthetically pleasing can therefore be a daunting task.

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Take a look below for some tips on how to arrange furniture in your office space whether it be in an office building or a home office, as well as how to choose pieces that will serve your space well! 

Desk Placement

One of the first things that you should consider when you are setting up your office is your desk. After all, this is the piece of furniture that will be most important in your office and that you will spend the most time at. You can place your desk facing the wall, with your back to the door, or you can choose to face your desk outwards so that you have a view of the door. Generally, it is recommended that you face your desk outwards. This helps you to see what is going on, especially in the hallway, and it is more welcoming if you have a client facing position. Make sure to allow enough space behind you so that you can easily move your desk chair in and out.

If you have a window in your office, although the natural light is amazing, it is best to not have your back to it as the light will reflect onto your screen. Alternatively if you do not have a choice but to position it this way, there are screen protectors that help block the sun so you can still see your screen properly.

How to Arrange Office Furniture Calgary Interiors


Most offices already have lighting installed, but it may not be the most pleasant lighting option for you. Lots of times, the provided lighting is overhead fluorescent lights. Depending upon where you place your desk and other furniture pieces, you may find that the light does not reach properly to where you need it to be.

There are plenty of other lighting options that you can play with to supplement the other lighting. You can work with desk lamps, or with standing floor lamps that can also be an aesthetically pleasing piece to add to the room. If you are considering a desk lamp, you will want to be sure that you do have a proper place for it on your desk and that it will not be in your way as you work, or add to clutter on your desktop. Floor lamps can be a good choice for this reason, but if you are working with a small office space, you may not want another piece of furniture taking up valuable floor space.

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Furniture Placement

When placing other pieces of furniture aside from your desk placement, you should try to use as much of the wall space first so to allow you more room to move freely in your office. For instance, file cabinets can be placed against the wall on one end of your office. You can even utilize underneath your desk with a small file cabinet if you have an open desktop, this will allow for a better use of space while using up dead space in your office.

If you have extra space in your office, you can add a comfy chair which then can be used for meetings or for you to take a break to relax in. This can help reduce stress and help your well being.

Neutral Colors

While this does not have to do with furniture arrangement, the colours that you use in your office are important, too. This can extend to your furniture and your wall or flooring colours, too. Neutral colours look more professional, and they also help to make a room look larger, especially if you are using light and bright neutrals—such as white, for instance. These colours are also going to help you be more productive and stay focused. Sometimes bold colours can be distracting, or can elicit certain emotions in you that may not be conducive to work. That is not to say that you need to stay away from colour completely—a pop of colour here and there can be a sophisticated way to breathe more life into your office.

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Furniture Texture

Another way to bring visual interest into your office in a subtle and professional way is to play with the textures of the furniture you choose. Mixing textures is an easy way to add visual interest. Plus, you can apply furniture textures in a functional way. The best way to do this is with carpets and soft furniture, like upholstered chairs or chaises, are able to muffle sound in your space. This is great, especially if you have a lot of hard furniture or have un-carpeted flooring—as this can greatly affect the acoustics of a room. 

How to Arrange Office Furniture - Calgary Interiors (3)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lay out my office desk?

There are certain things you can do for your office desk layout that can help you to be more organized and productive. Only have the things or tools that you need every day on the top of your desk, and keep everything else in your drawers. Keep your personal decorations to a minimum to keep your desk less cluttered, and use ties or other tools to deal with cables so they do not get tangled or cluttered.

How do I make my office look professional?

If you expect to have guests or clients in your office, you will want to be sure your office looks professional. The easiest way to do this is to keep the clutter to a minimum, and decorate sparsely and tastefully, especially when it comes to more personal items. Another thing to think about is comfort. Make sure your office is comfortable and inviting—if you expect to be meeting with clients, for example, you should have an extra chair or two across from you at your desk for meeting with others. 

How do I arrange 3 desks in an office?

If you share an office space and need to fit all of your desks into the room, this can prove to be tricky. There are a few layouts that you can implement, though, to ensure that your office still looks good and has a good flow. One way you can set up 3 desks is to line them all up in one line, side by side. You can also place each desk against its own wall so that each person has more space. A third layout for 3 desks is to create a horseshoe shape with the furniture. 

How do you lay out a small office?

When you have a small office space to work with, it can be tricky to arrange things without the room becoming cluttered. One of the ways that you can maximize your small space is to focus on utilizing natural lighting. Also, when choosing furniture, do so intentionally. Stay away from thick, heavy, or blocky furniture that can make the room look smaller. Instead, look for light pieces. If you go with furniture that is lightweight, too, you have the option to move it or store it away when not in use, which does create more space in your office to work with.