Restaurant Furniture Design Ideas

Restaurant Furniture Design Ideas

When it comes to restaurant design, some of the details that need to be taken into consideration differ from those that would be considered when designing a home or a restroom. A different level of functionality is necessary when looking at restaurant interior design, as is ensuring your theme has longevity and matches with the vibe of the menu and overall brand. 

Simple Restaurant Design Ideas

It can be overwhelming to design your restaurant whether it be an old space or a new restaurant space, especially because there are so many concepts, decor ideas and designs that you could go with! Especially when starting out, it is easier to start simple, utilizing the space the best that you can and going for a chic look and feel that is not too over the top, as this may be too much for your customers.

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First of all, you will want to choose a theme or aesthetic. It is best to go for a more classic theme that will stand the test of time. With any theme that is too trendy, you run the risk of it feeling dated in a few years. If this is the case, you will likely end up spending a lot of capital again in a few years to redecorate and update your space. Picking a theme that already reflects your brand or menu is a safer approach.

In addition, try to utilize your unique space and its characteristics. Pull from the unique architecture or details of the restaurant, and then expand on that. For example, if you already have an exposed brick wall, play off of that. Maybe you’ll then incorporate some industrial-style lighting to enhance the aesthetic.

Celebrating the original space is a more timeless approach that will be appreciated by your customers and it could also save you some money instead of tearing it down or trying to cover it up. 


Furniture should serve two purposes – style and function. Bulkier design pieces are not as functional, as they may get in the way and are difficult to move around, especially if you have a small space. Sleek, more modern pieces are better from a functionality and style perspective, as they are currently what is on-trend. 

Furniture that is modern but also comfortable is key, as you will need customers to want to stay longer. If they are uncomfortable, they will not be interested in staying – or may even be uninterested in returning!


You want to create ambiance and bar-style seating adds to the ambience of the space by setting customers up with a view. If you are in a good location and have a lovely view outside of your windows, many customers will want to sit here.

Bar style seating is great for seating those who are not staying as long – for example, customers who have just stopped in for a snack or cup of coffee, as well as being a great seating option for solo customers. It is also helpful in that it conserves floor space while still seating several customers.


Be mindful of the building materials you are using and how they interact. Too many hard materials create a louder area, as they send sound waves bouncing around the space. For example, if you are primarily using tile and wood, you will also want to incorporate soft materials. 

This can be done by implementing soft seating, such as upholstered booths or bar stools. This is two-in-one: it combats the issue with the acoustics of your space but also provides more comfortable seating options! Soft drapery is another way to implement softer textures into the space to minimize noise travelling.

Very Small Restaurant Design Ideas

When it comes to a restaurant with a small floor plan, it can be trickier to utilize the entire space without feeling cluttered. Often, you will try to fit too much into the small space. It requires a bit more of a strategic outlook when designing your interior, but can be very rewarding if done right!

Paint Colors

To make a space look bigger, choose light paint colours. This makes your walls recede in appearance. Brighter colours can do this as well, in addition to making the space look more inviting. Stay away from darker colours, as they tend to close off a room, thus making it feel smaller and more cramped. 

When it comes to restaurant design, we are currently seeing a move away from cool colour palettes and an uptick in warm, muted earth tones. Light greens, tans, or browns are a calming– and on-trend– choice for your small restaurant. They are also not too bold that they will be competing with the rest of the decor. 


If you would like to incorporate more colour, but worry about closing off your small space, a great way to do this is to decorate with pops of colour. Bright artworks or other accents – such as vases, sculptures, or floral arrangements are a way to add more interest and colour to your space without overwhelming it. Also when thinking of decor ideas, bring in art from local artists as this is a great way to also support your community and add accents to your space.

You can also add accents to your space by using furniture. Using minimalist restaurant furniture that has a bolder colour scheme adds character. 

Mirrors are another accent that works well in small spaces. Adding mirrored walls or mirrors on the walls reflects both natural and artificial light. This, in turn, makes the room appear larger and more open than it actually is.


When designing for a small space, every design detail is crucial. You will want to design for functionality as well as for style. You will also want to utilize every square inch of space without cluttering the space and making it feel crowded.

Separating certain areas with partitions is a viable option to utilize the space while keeping the dining area from the restrooms, kitchen, etc. Screens, plant walls, or trendy wooden partitions are all different ways to fashionably achieve this. This also adds clean lines to your restaurant interior.

Restaurant Interior Design Tips

  • Experiment with spacing for better flow
  • Find a use for everything– storage and decoration should become one
  • Play with lighting to create a bigger space
  • Use artwork and decorations to set the mood of your space
  • Opt for warmer, inviting paint colors
  • Choose sleeker, modern furniture and avoid bulkier styles
  • Prints and wallpapers can improve your design without adding clutter
  • Ensure your host or hostess stand is front and center
  • Consider the acoustics of your space

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