Furniture Trends 2024

Furniture Trends 2024:

Furniture design is embracing a purposeful shift with the top trends anticipated for the upcoming year.

Step into a world where your home is more than just a place to live – it’s an extension of your unique identity. Your choice of colours, furniture, and overall aesthetic speaks volumes, telling your story without words. Interior decor and design aren’t just about making a house feel like home; they’re your canvas for self-expression. But, of course, you don’t want your home to look stuck in the past. That’s where we come in, bringing you the latest insights on what’s in and what’s out in the ever-evolving world of interior trends.

Join us as we delve into the furniture trends that will shape 2024 – from emerging sensations to timeless classics that endure the test of time. Your home, your style, your story – let’s make it unforgettable.

Comfortable Seating

The first trend that we are seeing in furniture and interiors for 2024 is comfortable furniture. While all furniture is designed for use, of course, and should be able to be sat upon, it is not always comfortable for long periods of time. Think of metal or wooden chairs that do not have cushions, for instance. However, in 2024, we are moving away from that. We still spend a good amount of time in our home, so we want to be comfortable there. This can be attributed, in part, to the rise of remote working during the pandemic– many of us are still working from home today.

Comfort is the number one thing that homeowners are considering when choosing new home furniture. Comfortable seating does not mean it is unattractive, though! There are plenty of stylish, plush furniture options that are cozy enough to sink into after a long day but can still make a statement in the home. 

Custom furniture

In 2024, there’s a growing trend towards considering furniture as a long-term investment. Designers predict that rather than hastily purchasing any random piece from a showroom floor and later regretting it within a year or two, people are now placing a higher priority on custom furniture that aligns precisely with their home layouts, lifestyle, and personal taste.

Spontaneous buying of readily available furniture is becoming less popular, unless it’s a unique vintage find. Even retail furniture stores are shifting their focus towards custom options rather than offering off-the-floor choices. Excessive impulse purchases often lead to the disposal of inexpensive furniture that doesn’t hold its value. The new trend for 2024 is investing in quality custom furniture and vintage pieces, rather than opting for trendy, store-stocked items.

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Curved Silhouettes

Curved furniture made a strong statement throughout 2023, and designers predict, rounded styles are set to remain a prominent trend for at least another year. Often, curved edges serve to soften the appearance of more angular, structural pieces, achieving balance, such as a dining chair featuring a rounded back combined with a straight-leg base. Additionally, furniture with curved scallops and organic shapes continue to be popular for introducing a sense of fluidity and breaking up sharp lines within room layouts.

Curved furniture is a trend that takes inspiration from the furniture of the 1970s, after the more angular Danish furniture fell out of fashion. Long, serpentine sofas or chairs that seem to curve in on themselves or have organic shapes with gentle curves, hugging the person sitting in them are commonly seen in this trend.

Living Room Trends - Calgary Interiors

Curved furniture is so popular, and has been so popular in the past, because it is more flowing and organic. Paired with the trend of green furniture and sustainability, curved pieces are a perfect match! A curved sofa can also be paired with more severe furniture or furniture that has hard straight lines so that it can help to soften these out. It also creates tension and drama to pair furniture this way. 

Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces or vintage inspired pieces have been apart of home decor trends for many in years past. Often, thrifting or searching for vintage or retro inspired pieces was a great way for young or new homeowners to fill their homes without breaking the bank when they were on a budget. Another great perk of vintage furniture and decor is that the piece you choose is going to be unique and one of a kind– rather than the same popular furniture piece that can be found in any store, since it is the trend of the moment. Even interior designers will go thrifting, it’s the one way you can find really unique and different pieces.

Vintage pieces can make wonderful accent pieces and bring in more of your own personal style. Mid century modern pieces have been popular as of late, so, due to this, we are seeing a rise in popularity of actual vintage or vintage inspired furniture.

Furniture Trends 2023 Vintage Pieces - Calgary Interiors

Antiques can be expensive, but there are plenty of less expensive ways to get some vintage furniture. This includes flea markets, local shops, and even Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If the piece is a bit beat up, you can always fix it up and restore it to its original charm– and give it some more personality at the same time. 

Raw Wood

In 2024, raw wood continues to enjoy its well-deserved time in the spotlight. This versatile material maintains its status as a darling of interior designers, particularly in the realm of contemporary-industrial aesthetics. Raw wood furniture pieces, including coffee tables, a side table and consoles, make an indelible mark on living spaces, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern flair.

Furniture Trends - Calgary Interiors

The inherent beauty of raw wood lies in its natural grain and distinctive imperfections, which together forge a captivating and one-of-a-kind visual aesthetic.

Large Scale Pieces

These days, our homes are typically bigger than they used to be. This can be said in regards to total square footage, or can be said to refer to floorplans. For instance, the open floor plan is a more modern idea that is not seen in older, un renovated homes– and it gives the illusion of having a lot more space, as there is less to interrupt the eye, such as walls or doorways. Due to this, large scale furniture pieces are having a bigger moment going into 2024 than they would have in the past.

Some examples of these large scale pieces include bigger dining tables for entertaining, or an extensive sectional in the living room so that everyone has a seat, or even a large coffee table that helps to even out the living room space. Now that we can gather and entertain in our homes again, homeowners are looking at pieces that can help them serve that purpose. 

Reeded Texture

Texture is an important aspect in design, just as colour and pattern is. It is another way to add depth and visual interest to a space. One detail or texture that we are going to see a lot of in 2024– we are already starting to see it– is reeded texture. Reeded texture is a design detail that takes small, semi cylindrical moldings or ornaments and uses them as home decor. It is called reeding because it looks like tiny reeds that have been placed on the furniture for visual interest. We may see reeded details inset into walls or on crown molding, as well as what we more commonly see on furniture, such as on cabinet or vanity doors.

Reeded texture appears natural, so it can be a great detail for a space that is embracing nature or more sustainable, eco friendly design. A space with a lot of plants can be accented very well with reeded texture. It can also appear in many different colours, so can match with existing colour palettes or design aesthetics.

Colour and Pattern

In the past few years, we have seen a lot of emphasis on neutrals and earth tones, when colour has been introduced to homes, it has still been muted or subtle, easily fading into the background. However, in 2024, we are going to see more homeowners decide to go bold, opting for brighter colours to liven up their space, or splashier, more colourful patterns as well. This often leads to more impactful interiors, and who does not want to have a home that impresses and leaves an impact?

Patterns, especially, will be having their moment, especially after years of more palatable neutrals– the issue with patterns is that they are not for everyone, but if the homeowner loves it and it works with the space, that is all that matters! Pattern can be seen anywhere from accent walls and wallpaper to smaller details like accent pillows. 

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Sustainability is a large furniture trend in many facets of our lives, as it has been brought to the forefront of conversations now more than ever. In furniture, this can be seen in the use of sustainable materials or green materials– which have often been sourced from old furniture and repurposed, or have another eco friendly route to your home. It can also be seen in “green” furniture which “brings the outdoors indoors”. This is another popular on trend design that we will continue to see in 2024.

Some examples are furniture made of wood or wicker, materials that give a relaxed, natural feel– rather than manmade materials like metal. Often, these furniture pieces will be left natural or will be wood stained instead of painted so they will be able to shine and appear more untouched. 

Furniture Trends 2023 Wicker - Calgary Interiors

Organizational Furniture Pieces

Organization is crucial to keeping your home neat and tidy– and to keep the space from becoming overwhelming. As this is becoming more of a focus, especially with the rise of home edit and home organization shows, there is going to be a rise in popularity of functional, organizational furniture pieces as we go into 2024, too. Open shelving, for instance, has been a controversial trend in the past couple of years. Some people love it, while others find it to be impractical and messy looking for everyday life.

Expect to see a move away from this type of storage, instead seeing closed up storage options that do not have all of our mess on full display. This can be seen in beds with drawers underneath, for example. Closed cabinets– rather than the curio cabinets with glass doors– are another example of the types of organizational furniture pieces coming with us into 2024. 

Furniture Trends 2023 Kitchen - Calgary Interiors

Unique Lighting

Lighting is not just chandeliers and table lamps these days. There is a whole range of lighting fixtures, as well as styles of floor or table lamps– so there is truly an option for any aesthetic or any space! In 2024, expect to see an uptick in interesting, unique lighting options, as well as mood lighting for different spaces. Lighting can create a focal point in the room, so with more unique lighting trends, it creates an interest in the room.

Furniture Trends 2023 Lighting - Calgary Interiors

This can include modern and sculptural light fixtures, which truly make a statement, as well as task lighting or layered lighting. These can serve different purposes in the home and can be chosen based on what a particular area in the home is used for. 

In the realm of lighting, another prominent trend emerges. The rise of smart lighting technology is undeniable. With the ability to remotely control and tailor light brightness and colour using smartphones or voice assistants, it has captured the imagination of many. What was once considered futuristic – automation systems that adapt to personal preferences and schedules – has now become a reality. As we step into 2024, these technologies are not only present but also expected to gain even more popularity and prominence.

In Summary

There are many new furniture and design trends that we are seeing moving into 2024. Some of these are continuing on from past years, while others are a marked move away from past trends. Some of the key takeaways include sustainability and green design, as well as a move back to up-cycling existing pieces and introducing vintage or antique pieces into the home. We are also looking at softer, more comfortable seating and pieces with more organic curved lines. Colour and pattern are also going to have a big moment in interior design in 2024, which is a welcome breath of fresh air after years of neutral palettes.  

Interested in getting a custom piece made? We can do that for you! At Calgary Interiors, we’ve been designing and building furniture since 1962. We have an in-house interior designer that can help guide you with fabric choices, knows the top furniture trends and has designed comfortable and stylish pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top interior design trends for 2024?

There are plenty of new trends in interiors that are emerging for 2024. When it comes to colours, some of the hues that are becoming popular are rich, saturated colours such as deep reds, browns, and greens. Moody, dramatic spaces and the return of art deco inspired design– think geometric shapes in decor, wallpaper patterns, and more, just to name a few facets of this particular trend. 

Is wood trim Coming Back in Style 2024?

Once upon a time, wood paneling and wood trim was a hot trend. Not only was it seen abundantly in interiors, but it was also seen in other areas of life, such as on the sides of our cars– both exterior and interior. For 2024, wood trim and wood accents– sometimes even wood paneling, if done right– are coming back. They began to return in 2022 with the emphasis on natural design elements, and are continuing to do so into 2024. Light wood tones have been trending for a while now, but dark wood is also beginning to make a comeback. 

Is farmhouse style out for 2024?

Every year tends to have one decorating or interior design style that stands out above the rest in terms of popularity. For years, farmhouse style was one of the top reigning design trends, seen everywhere from HGTV to home goods stores to our own homes. However, it is not out of style for the coming 2024 year. As there is still an emphasis on natural design or natural design elements, farmhouse design is still going to be prevalent in the approaching year. Farmhouse style is known to celebrate natural materials like wood and stone, after all! Plus, its colour schemes are typically made up of mostly neutrals and earthy tones and can easily match existing decor or aesthetics in the home. 

What is the next trend in furniture?

One of the big trends to expect for furniture in 2024 is not an aesthetic trend, but rather one that is a design choice or materials trend. This is a renewed focus on sustainability, which we have begun to see in recent years as the importance of sustainability started to reach more fully across industries. Green, sustainable furniture is a trend that is going to be seen in 2024, and this can be seen in sustainable design materials, for instance, and natural materials that “bring the outdoors in”.