Dining Chair Reupholstery

Dining Chair Reupholstery Calgary Interiors

Dining Chair Reupholstery

Reupholstery is a fantastic way to revamp your furniture and your living space. It can be used to make a piece your own or to customize a piece that has a great shape but the patterns or colours do not match your aesthetic.

Factors such as fabric choice and labour may affect the cost of your project, so it is important to discuss the scope of work with the upholsterer you hire.

Reupholstering a Dining Room Chair

Reupholstering furniture is a great option for a piece that has experienced some wear and tear, but you do not want to replace it. It is also a way to refresh a furniture piece and infuse some new style into your space without buying new furniture.

However, there is more involved with reupholstering versus buying new, so you will have to weigh your options carefully when deciding how you would prefer to move forward.

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When to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair

There are some important factors to explore when you are deciding whether reupholstering is right for you and the furniture piece in question. Reupholstering is a good fit for a piece that is in need of a little TLC – the fabric or padding is worn or stained, or you have an old seat or old chair that needs new foam or new padding for example.

Furniture that is expensive and customized, or furniture with sentimental value, that is in need of a refresh is also a great contender for reupholstering, rather than buying new furniture to replace it. 

If you are tired of your dining room theme and want to revamp it, reupholstery can be the way to go! This allows you to customize the patterns, textures, and colours according to your tastes and theme.

It also allows you to make the furniture unique and one of a kind, as opposed to buying more generic pieces from a furniture store.

Cost to Reupholster a Dining Chair

It is important to be aware of the cost you will incur when taking on a reupholstery project. As there are many factors that affect the cost, it is important to fully understand the complexity of your project so that you are able to budget accordingly. 

Factors Affecting Cost

When it comes to the cost of reupholstering dining chairs, there are several factors that come into play. The size of the piece you are upholstering. is it just the chair seat or the full back and seat cushion, the quality of your upholstery fabric, and the repairs to the piece that are involved can all affect your cost.

In addition, the amount you pay for labour may vary, based on the scope of work involved and the upholsterer’s experience.

It is also important to note that extra fees may be incurred in certain situations. For example, matching prints, such as plaids, is more labour-intensive. An oddly shaped piece that would require more cutting and patterning could also incur additional fees. You should be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Cost Averages for a Dining Chair

Different pieces, of course, have different amounts of work involved when you are upholstering or refinishing them. The average cost to reupholster a dining room chair comes in between $150 to $300. However, the more complex the dining room chair, the higher your cost will run.

If the chair you are looking to upholster has a cushioned backing, this will entail more work, and often more materials used. The average for a cushioned chair is in the $400 to $600 range. 

When you are exploring your budget for your reupholstery project, you should keep these averages in mind, but also be aware that these averages are per chair.

If you want to reupholster your entire dining set for a refresh, you will need to account for the cost of each chair.

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Materials for Reupholstering a Dining Room Chair

The materials that you choose to reupholster a dining chair project are just as important as the colours or prints you decide on. You will want to ensure that these materials are a good fit for the function of the chairs, as well as that they mesh well with the aesthetic of your space.

Solid colours work great for a unified look, while patterned fabric may be easier to keep clean and can “hide” blemishes. You can also choose what kind or how much foam padding you are going to add to your chairs as well.


Cotton, or a cotton blend, is a good upholstery fabric choice for a dining chair because it is a strong fibre and will withstand the test of time well.

For a piece that sees lots of use, you will want a fabric that is strong and durable. This fabric can be stain and wrinkle-resistant as well. Cotton is also inexpensive, so it is a budget-friendly fabric choice.


Tweed is made of natural wool finers and is another durable fabric choice for reupholstery. It is comfortable and dirt and stain-resistant.

This fabric choice has a very particular look and is a great choice to bring some more sophistication into your dining area and add texture to your chair cushions.


Microsuede is a synthetic version of suede, it achieves the look of suede while being more cost-effective.

This material is also easy to clean and wears well over time, making it especially good for chair seats; in fact, it resists stains and wears better than authentic suede.

There is also the plus of microsuede being cruelty-free, as opposed to authentic suede fabric.

Dining Room Uphulstery Post Calgary Interiors
Dining Room Uphulstery Post Calgary Interiors

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reupholster dining room chairs?

Yes, dining chairs can be reupholstered. With the right materials, it can be pretty easy to achieve a new, reupholstered look for your chair or chair seat.

You can also hire a reupholsterer who has experience with these types of projects. They will be able to assist you in achieving the look you want for the piece.

How much should it cost to reupholster a dining room chair?

Reupholstering a basic dining room chair averages between $150 to $300. This is only an average and can fluctuate depending on factors such as complexity, labour, and the fabric choices you make for your project.

We should also note here that it really depends on the fabric choice that you make for your chair as well. Some fabrics will be significantly less expensive than others fabrics. This is based on market fluctuations and availability.

We also need to note that some dining chairs need more fabric than others based on the design and the amount of wood vs fabric that the chair has.

The cost will also be affected by the amount of padding that is re-usable and how much we may need to add to finish the chair. If it is just the chair seat it will likely be less.

What kind of fabric do you use to reupholster a dining chair?

Usually, cotton and linen are used for dining chairs. Natural fabrics such as these are sturdy and also resist wear and tear, so they are a good option for any piece that will be used often. They are also the best when you need to get the fabric tight without tearing or stretching. When you have to have the fabric tight you can also use special upholstery tools.

By removing old fabric and adding new fabric to your dining chairs or even just your seat cushions it can really give your chairs a new look and can fit better with your current home decor.

The old fabric can be saved if you want but typically we discard it. The new fabric that you use for your chair will likely need to be stain guarded as well.

The chair seat itself will likely need new fabric and for us to remove all of the old fabric. We can do our best to match the colour and texture, but likely it will be a little different.

If you would like more information on durable fabrics for upholstered furniture, check out the this guide to upholstery article – How to choose upholstery fabric  where you can find the best upholstery fabric selection that suits your needs.

How Much Fabric is Needed to Reupholster a Dining Chair?

The amount of fabric needed to reupholster a dining chair will depend on the chair’s size, style, and design.

Can dining room chairs be reupholstered?

Yes, dining room chairs can be reupholstered. Reupholstering is a great way to update the appearance of your chairs, extend their lifespan, or match them to a new décor style. The process usually involves removing the old fabric, padding, and any damaged materials, and then replacing them with new upholstery fabric and new foam padding as needed. The reupholstered seat will have new foam padding and new fabric.

Is it cheaper to buy a new chair or reupholster?

The cost of buying a new chair versus reupholstering an existing one depends on various factors, such as the type of chair, the quality and cost of the new chair, and the cost of upholstery materials and labor.

If you have a simple chair with affordable replacement options, it is often cheaper to buy a new one. However, if you have a high-quality, antique, or sentimental piece that you want to preserve, reupholstering may be a better option.

Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Quality of the existing chair: If your chair is of high quality or has sentimental value, it might be worth investing in reupholstering. Cheaper chairs might not be worth the investment, and you may be better off purchasing a new one.
  2. Cost of a new chair: The cost of new chairs can vary greatly, depending on factors such as brand, materials, and style. Be sure to compare the cost of a new chair to the cost of reupholstering to make an informed decision.
  3. Upholstery materials and labor costs: The cost of reupholstering can vary depending on the fabric, padding, and labor involved. Higher-end materials and specialized labor will increase the cost of reupholstering. Get a few quotes from local upholsterers to get a better idea of the cost.
  4. DIY or professional: If you have some experience in upholstery or are willing to learn, you can save money by reupholstering the chair yourself. However, if you don’t have the skills or tools, you’ll need to factor in the cost of professional services.
  5. Sustainability: Reupholstering a chair can be a more environmentally friendly option as it reduces waste and conserves resources. If sustainability is important to you, this may be a factor to consider.

In summary, the decision to buy a new chair or reupholster an existing one depends on the specific situation, costs involved, and personal preferences. Compare the costs of both options and consider factors such as quality, sentimental value, and sustainability before making your choice.