What Is Fabric Glue?

What Is Fabric Glue?

When you are in the craft store, you may find yourself surprised at the number of different kinds of glue there are on the shelves. Different kinds of glue are formulated for different uses.

One of these kinds of glue is fabric glue.

Fabric glue is a no-sew way to mend textiles or soft goods so that you can complete projects or fix up things around the house without a sewing machine— or without hand-sewing know-how! Below, we will discuss fabric glue, including what it is, how to use it, and some of this liquid adhesive’s unique benefits. 

What Is Fabric Glue?

First things first, what is fabric glue, anyway? Fabric glue is a liquid adhesive, similar to the glue you would use for paper or other crafts.

However, fabric glue is designed specifically for fabric and other flexible materials. It moves and flexes with the materials it is adhered to so that it will still keep them together as they move. Other, non-flexible glues may crack or break with this kind of movement.

Fabric glue is also water resistant, unlike some other glues, so it will not dissolve in the wash. Fabric glue is often used for upholstery projects or for light tailoring on garments. 

How to Use Fabric Glue

If you are working on a project and want to use fabric glue to achieve your desired results, you will need to use the glue properly for the best outcome.

When you are attaching, or bonding, two pieces of fabric, you will want to avoid stretching either piece of fabric. Keep them relaxed and in their natural state when you are bonding with them.

Otherwise, this can cause ripples in the fabric when the glue dries. You should also coat both of the areas that you are bonding with the glue before attaching them. 

Uses of Fabric Glue

There are plenty of uses for fabric glue! Of course, this adhesive is used to bond fabrics together. It can be used to hem pants without sewing them, for example.

Fabric glue can also be used to repair rips in garments, by attaching a patch to cover the tear. It can even be used to prevent fraying, by applying the glue to a raw edge of a garment or fabric, which will encase the edge in glue and prevent further fraying or wear.

These are just a few examples of what uses you can apply fabric glue to in your daily life. It can be a lifesaver and a time saver, too, if you do not know how to sew!

Benefits of Fabric Glue

As we mentioned above, fabric glue is a great tool for those who do not know how to sew, as it can still achieve similar results. It can also be good for those who know how to sew but are not strong stitchers, or for those who do not have access to a sewing machine.

Fabric glue is a quick and easy way to mend garments or do upholstery projects, and can save you valuable time when doing these projects as well— it is certainly much quicker than hand sewing! 

Fabric Glue Frequently Asked Questions

Is fabric glue as good as sewing?

Fabric glue can certainly be used in place of hand sewing or machine sewing a garment or project. It can be faster and more efficient and can make it possible to complete sewing projects when you do not, in fact, know how to sew.

That being said, fabric glue is not always going to be as strong or as durable as something that is actually stitched and sewn. It is also not well suited for something that may be ironed later.

This is because the heat from the iron can undo the effects of the glue and affect how it bonds. 

Does fabric glue come off in the wash?

If you are considering using fabric glue on a garment you are working on, or a garment you want to make some tweaks to, you may be wondering if the fabric glue will come off in the wash.

Or, perhaps you have gotten it on your clothing by mistake and are hoping it will just wash off in the washing machine!

Fabric glue is designed to be able to be washed. It will stay flexible and stay on the clothes after a wash cycle. If you get fabric glue on your clothes by mistake, then all you have to do is soak the glue in cold water and blot it with a sponge. Using acetone on the glue spot can also help to get fabric glue off if the sponge method does not work for you!

Is fabric glue the same as Elmer’s glue?

There are so many kinds of glue out there— wood glue, glue sticks, fabric glue, the list goes on! However, most of these types of glue are different from each other and have their own specialized uses.

You may wonder if the famous Elmer’s glue can be used as fabric glue, especially if you are having difficulty locating some fabric glue. However, it is important to note that Elmer’s glue and fabric glue are not the same.

Elmer’s glue is a crafting glue and is also known as white glue. It is not as strong as fabric glue and is not water resistant, either. 

How is fabric glue different?

You may wonder what exactly fabric glue is and if you actually need it or not. What makes it different or so much better in the first place, you might think?

Fabric glue was designed specifically and formulated specifically to repair flexible materials, like different types of textiles or fabric.

These can include vinyl seats, outdoor gear, or cushions. It is flexible, unlike some other kinds of glue, so it can bend with these materials without breaking or cracking.

This liquid adhesive is also water resistant, so it will stand up to going through the wash or being rained on in the case of outdoor gear or outdoor furniture.