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Living Room Trends - Calgary Interiors

There are some gorgeous interior design trends that have emerged this year for living room areas. If you are looking to refresh your living room, you can incorporate these trends in a variety of ways– from subtle to more extreme. Some of these new trends include more exciting colour schemes, romantic textile choices, and the usage of more patterns and prints.

Read on for more details on the latest living room trends. 

Cozy Couches

Plush, upholstered couches are still a big trend in living room design, as are sectional and modular couches that can be customized based on the needs of your family. Some of the shapes that we are seeing for 2022 are curved couches, chairs, and ottomans, and organic shapes. This can mean that the form of the entire couch is curved, or simply that the back cushions rise up to form a curve, for example.

These furniture pieces are comfortable and also eye-catching, so they can make a great statement piece in your living room.

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Living Room Trends - Calgary Interiors

Pattern Heavy Elements

Interior design had moved towards neutrals and crisp, full colour in years past. However, now we are beginning to see a resurgence of prints and pattern-heavy elements, which are such a great way to add character to your space. There are endless patterns for you to choose from, so you have plenty of options and will be able to successfully communicate your personality and your aesthetic to your guests.

Both large and small-scale prints are having a moment, and you can implement them in a variety of different treatments, from wallpaper to a more understated choice like artwork or throw pillows. Patterns are great because they add texture and visual interest to any space they inhabit. 

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Warmer Color Palettes

Neutrals were the big thing in the past few years, but now the design world is starting to move away from that. White will always be classic, but natural colors such as browns or greens can add more warmth– and often interest– to your living space.

Living Room Trends Green Tones - Calgary Interiors

Warm tones are also found to be comforting, while stark white can be seen as clinical. Brighter, sunnier colours, like golden yellows and oranges, are also gaining popularity in 2022, it’s a great way to add interest to. You can find these colour choices in everything from textiles to paint colour, and there are many ways that you can implement them in your own space. You can use the bright hue colours as accents, or completely transform the space with new upholstery or a fresh coat of paint.

Living Room Trends Orange Tones - Calgary Interiors
Living Room Trends Orange Tones - Calgary Interiors (1)

Romantic Materials

Romantic materials, whether in regards to textile choices for your upholstered furniture or materials for other furniture pieces like your coffee table, are another big trend for 2022. This can include upholstery choices like velvet and suede in romantic colours like pinks and soft neutrals.

Living Room Trends Velvet - Calgary Interiors
Living Room Trends Velvet - Calgary Interiors (1)

Materials and treatments such as fluting, scalloping, ribbing, and reeding are also elements that we will continue to see into 2022. These romantic themes can help to bring dimension to a space, as well as make it feel warm and nostalgic.

To avoid your space looking too sweet and feminine, though, you can juxtapose these elements with more modern trends and angular shapes and silhouettes.

Velvet Couch - Calgary Interiors


This particular trend may come as a surprise, but many homeowners and designers are placing pedestals as elements in their homes! It may call to mind the idea of a museum, but it does not have to be stuffy. They are a way to add in new layers of colour and texture in your home, and at the same time, showcasing a piece that is special to you.

Pedestals are also a great way to play with height in your space, which can help to add depth. 

Living Room Trends - Pedestal - Calgary Interiors

Sculptural Furniture

This is related to the curved couches that we discussed up above, but sculptural furniture is having a moment, too. This applies to furniture like coffee tables, bookshelves, and lighting options– not just your living room seating. Curved forms are usually viewed as safer and more welcoming, which is why we are often drawn to them.

Some of the sculptural furniture you may see are coffee tables with unusually shaped glass table tops, or couches with unusual legs. Asymmetry is also common with furniture of this style. It can be an artsy, avante garde furniture style, so may not fit with all aesthetics. 

Living Room Trends Sculptural Furniture - Calgary Interiors

Nature Inspired Decor

The trend of bringing the outdoors indoors is not new, but it is going strong into 2022. This trend can be seen in keeping house plants in your living room, as well as utilizing furniture and decor objects that were made with natural materials, such as wood, stone, or marble. The raw and imperfect nature of these materials mimic the calm of the outdoors, and also add visual interest to your home at the same time.

Living Room Trends Nature Inspired Decor - Calgary Interiors
Living Room Trends Nature Inspired - Calgary Interiors

Wall Art

Wall art is a trend that has always been popular, but in the past year or so, homeowners have begun to display it in more unique ways. For instance, some choose to hang textile art, which can range from hanging a woven rug on the wall to stringing up a macrame piece.

Calgary Interiors - Living Room Trends

Another popular wall art trend is the gallery wall. This is a display tactic that is very well suited to framed art pieces or photographs– or even a combination of the two. With a gallery wall, you can choose artwork of varying sizes and mediums, and then arrange them together in a pleasing composition as a focal point for the room. Some common locations for a gallery wall in your living room could be behind your couch, in the entryway, or above a console table– anywhere that you would like to use as a focal wall.

A gallery wall can also consist of textile art pieces or wall baskets, for instance, too– it does not have to be only framed artwork that you include. You can get as creative with this as you please! 

Calgary Interiors - The Watermark Shop
Photo Credit | The Watermark Shop

Warm Neutral Colour Palette 

We have already gone over some trending living room colours, such as the warm and earthy tones that are emerging in the interior design space. Another colour trend that is still enduring is neutrals– while we are moving away from stark white rooms, we are still seeing warm neutral tones being used in abundance in living room design.

Some examples of these living room colours are sand, taupe, or terra cotta. They are warm and inviting, but still match most other colours, making it easy to ensure that you have a cohesive living room space. Having a neutral living room is also a good idea from a practical standpoint because it makes it easy to change out furniture or decor if you are redecorating, without having to subsequently repaint your space if you do not want to!


While the table lamps that you choose are an easy factor to control, the lighting that comes in through your windows or skylights is an important factor here, too! When it comes to lamps, we are seeing lots of artistic and sculptural pieces, as well as those that are made from rattan and other natural materials– whether it is their base or their lampshade being made from these materials. This adds natural textures to your space to add to an overall earthy, grounded aesthetic. 

Calgary Interiors - Living Room Trends (2)

In the case of lighting, rather than lamps, natural lighting is a feature that is being embraced as often as possible. Try to allow as much natural light into your space as you can. You can do this without hiring someone to cut a window into your wall– consider removing the drapes from your window. Or, if you do still want that privacy or have neighbours that live very close, you can also opt for sheer, gauzy curtains that still allow natural light into your living room without allowing people to peer inside.

Go Green

This trend is another enduring one and is similar to the nature-inspired decor that we discussed previously. Embracing eco-friendly materials and interiors decorated with natural elements is an overarching trend that has been seen for many years.

A great way to easily implement this trend and “bring outside inside” is with the use of house plants. House plants come in such a wide variety that you will certainly be able to find one– or more– that fit the aesthetic of your room. This could be a large, splashy monstera to bring a tropical vibe to the room, or you could choose to decorate with more contained plants, like succulents, which require little care and can be potted to sit on display on your mantle. 

Calgary Interiors (2)

When looking at house plants for your living room, you should be sure that you pay attention to factors such as the lighting the room receives and how much time you will be able to spend taking care of the plant– otherwise, you might choose a house plant that will not do well in the provided environment. 

Vintage Finds

Another strong trend that we are seeing these days is that of finding old furniture and decor pieces and making them new again! Vintage finds can add a particularly unique vibe to your space, as these pieces are bound to be one of a kind and not as easily copied as some of the furniture or decor items that are currently in stores. By going to vintage shops and thrift stores, you can get your hands on a wide array of goods, from old chairs or ottomans to side tables, art pieces, and serving trays.

Calgary Interiors - Living Room Trends (4)

You can then assemble these unique pieces in your living room at home to add personality and flair to the space– rather than just buying the generic or trendy pieces found in any furniture store. Shopping vintage is also a more eco-friendly way to decorate your home, and each piece that you find has its own unknown history, which is pretty exciting!

Contemporary Pieces

There is always a particular style of furniture that is on-trend and is most commonly seen in home design, and right now, that is contemporary furniture. Pieces that have a modern silhouette and are made with fresh-looking materials– whether it be rattan or metal– are some of the latest living room trends. These pieces had their place in past eras of design, but both fashion and design are cyclical, and these contemporary furniture pieces are coming back again! We are also seeing lots of low-slung furniture falling under this umbrella of contemporary furniture. 

Contemporary pieces have received an update, however, when it comes to materials or prints. They are often found in the splashy, bold prints that we have discussed above, or in the romantic materials that are so popular these days– or in a combination of the two!

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Living Room Trends FAQ

What are the 2022 design trends?

There are plenty of new design trends coming to the forefront in 2022. Some of these include pattern heavy fabrics and other elements, romantic materials and textures, and warmer color palettes, instead of the neutrals of years past. 

What colors are on trend for living rooms 2022?

Warm colour palettes are gaining traction for 2022 in living room designs– for instance, sunny yellows and deep oranges or burnt umbers. Natural colours such as muted browns and shades of green– which are often being treated as neutrals– are also on trend for living room areas this year. 

What is the furniture style for 2022?

Organic shapes and curved forms are popular for furniture in 2022. Think of the rounded chairs, sofas, and ottomans of the 1960s and 1970s, which are making their way back into fashion. These furniture pieces are often upholstered in soft textiles, bright colors, and interesting prints.

How do I update my living room 2022?

If you want to update your living room to reflect the current trends, you could do so by implementing popular colour schemes– you could get some throw pillows, decor items or even window treatments to integrate this colour theme, or make a more extreme change by repainting the room in these colours. 

There are a lot of great living room ideas on Pinterest that can help build your vision for the entire room. Alternatively an interior designer can help you with your projects and bring your ideas to life. At Calgary Interiors we have an interior design team that can help guide you with choices on textiles, patterns, or colours. Or perhaps you are in need of a complete interior refresh and require a new floorplan with custom furniture and accessories. We do that too! Click here to learn more!