Bedroom Furniture Calgary

Bedroom Furniture and Design

In the cold winter months, there is nothing better than retreating inside to your own cozy oasis. Your home should be a reflection of your personal style and should be designed around your comfort and your needs. There is no room more personal than your bedroom, and there are many ways to customize this space to make it truly your own.

Bedroom Furniture 

A blend of comfort and style is key in furnishing your bedroom space. Depending on the size of the space, you may be able to supplement the design with lounge furniture as well as the necessary bed, mattress, and dresser. This will add comfort and functionality to the room, as well as more opportunity to infuse your personal style into the space. Even if you do not have as much space to work with, there are options that will help you update your bedroom and turn it into the perfect retreat.


The headboard is becoming popular once again, and the new headboards we are seeing are statement pieces. The trend is bold shapes in bright colours or patterned fabrics. More consumers are gravitating towards tall, curved silhouettes that anchor the room’s design scheme. Choose a headboard as the focal point of your room, and you can pull colours and textures for bedding and other furniture from this piece. The more unique the headboard, the more character it will lend to your room.

Statement Beds

Your bed and headboard should be where you spend most of your decorating budget, as they are where you will sleep, but also act as a fantastic centrepiece to your bedroom. If you have more than one key piece in the space, they will begin to compete for attention, making the room feel busy. Tall beds with tufted or fluted details are currently popular. They pull inspiration from the Art Deco era and also breathe glamour and luxury into the bedroom. Depending on colour and fabric choices, as well as the bedding and pillows you pair it with, a statement bed such as this can lend itself to many different aesthetics.

Comfortable Lounge Furniture

We don’t just sleep in our bedrooms– we spend time there relaxing, unwinding, or sometimes, getting work done. Besides the necessities, such as a bed and dresser, we greatly benefit from having comfortable lounge furniture in our spaces. An example of this could be a plush chaise lounge or comfortable reading chair tucked in the corner. We are seeing many such pieces being designed with inspiration from the 1970s, with sumptuous fabrics and organic curves. The retro style is sneaking in to replace the more linear mid-century style furniture that was most popular until recently.


Lighting is a detail that is often overlooked, but especially crucial in spaces such as the bedroom. You will want to ensure that you have the proper visibility in the space, but also that the lighting elements you choose fuse seamlessly with the design and mood of the room.


As with many of the other design trends, the trend for lampshades is now “the bolder, the better”. Bold colours or patterns– or both– are proving popular, and are a great way to infuse a room with extra style, without breaking the bank. For wilder patterns that may seem uncontained on larger spaces, such as a headboard or wall, choosing to put this on a lampshade is a milder option.

Wall Lighting

Bedside wall lights are rapidly increasing in popularity. Matching sconces are still a bit more unusual-looking but feel expensive and classic at the same time. It is an elegant, tailored way to approach the lighting in your bedroom. Lighting is so important in decorating, and should not be forgotten, as it is both decorative and functional.

Visually Maximizing Lighting

Your lighting decor can also assist in maximizing the space you are working with. Some suggestions are to light the narrower side of the room to provide a sense of width, or to choose a lampshade that tilts the light upwards, which will add height. This is an excellent way to trick the eye and make your bedroom feel more spacious. Options of lights that will work well for this technique are wall lights, recessed lights that can be tilted, or track lights.

Other Design Details

Design details such as fabrics and colours encompass all of your other design choices, from furniture to lighting. Each time you choose a new design element, you will also need to ensure that the colours or fabrics associated blend well with your space. We are seeing a lot of bold choices in this regard now, as well as mixing colours and prints for a more off-the-wall vibe.

Plants – Nature

Bringing nature inside is another emerging interior design trend. Especially in the winter months, where we are not spending as much time outside, the influence of nature is important to our mental health as well as aesthetics. Plants as accessories in a space are becoming more common, from potted plants such as ferns– which require little light– to cut flowers on a dresser or bedside table. Selecting fashionable pots and vases for these organic details also adds more personality. If you prefer not to have live plants in your space, there are also the options of floral wallpapers, bedding sets, or botanical artwork.


Most recently, neutral tones have been on-trend. However, we are shifting away from these and from the minimalist trend. Instead, we are seeing bolder colour and design choices. Key colours include reds and oranges, mustard yellow, and rich greens. Blue remains a safe, staple choice as well. Prints and statement wallpapers are also having a moment, with the more popular patterns being foliage and floral-inspired. With these, you can still have a semblance of the outdoors as you relax in your indoor space.


The bold and colourful trend extends itself to bed linens and upholstered furniture as well.

We are seeing richly coloured velvets becoming popular as a fabric choice, whether for a tufted chair in the corner of your bedroom or for upholstering your headboard.

Linen and organic fabrics are also experiencing an uptick in popularity as sustainability moves to the forefront of the consumer mindset. Wool can be a cozy fabric option as well, especially in colder months. Whether for upholstery or as a chunky throw blanket on your bed, wool can warm up any room!